First generation adapter
NR Programmer

NR Programmer

Low cost commercial serial programmer
  • Low cost programmer for engineers,
    hobbyists and low volume electronics
  • Supports standard serial I2C EEPROMs,
    SPI EEPROMs and SPI flash memory
  • Up to 6000 devices currently supported
  • Simple, intuitive PC application for
    Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8
  • Includes USB cable
Purchase - only $239

First generation adapter

Socket Board

Accessory board to the NR Programmer
  • An adapter board for use with the
    NR Programmer
  • Supports SPI and I2C interfaces
  • Supports DIP and SOIC packages
  • 4x devices supported simultaneous
  • Patch area on PCB for other custom
  • Includes 40-pin ribbon cable
Purchase - only $59

How does Nano River Programmer actually work?


Simple, easy to use application from the PC to control selection of the correct memory, uploading of a programming file, programming of the device and verification of the device afterwards.

NR Programmer module by Nano River Technologies for programming up to 4 devices at a time.

Device to be programmed. Connection is made via a standard 40 pin IDC connector.

Nano River Technologies also provide a Socket Board adapter for standard DIP and SOIC packaged parts.